Primer based on alkyd resin and alkyd pigments
Note :
Keep container contents dry, cool, and away from direct sunlight. After using the lid, close the container tightly. The best use time is up to 36 months after the date of production if you have proper storage conditions. When applying paint, use appropriate ventilation and masks and open doors and windows if possible.
Wash hands after use. Seek medical attention if contact with eyes (after washing or excessive amounts of water) and ingestion.
Quart Cans (1kg)
Gallons (4kg)
NPS 630

Primer based on alkyd resin and alkyd pigments

NANOPUSH alkyd resin-based primer paints and  gray pigments are prepared using the best anti-corrosion pigments and for use in temperate climates, to protect metal surfaces, installations, structures and household appliances and metal utensils. Offered in semi-industrial and construction environments. Advantages of this product are drying time, durability, adhesion and good coating strength.

Standards :
Properties, Effects and Benefits :
Application :
For the protection of metal surfaces, installations, structures and household and office metal appliances in semi-industrial and construction environments
Using method and dosage :

Wipe away any rust, grease, dirt, dirt and contamination and wait for it to dry completely. Old paint shells should come from a smooth surface. If necessary, sanding or sandblasting can be used to eliminate the previous colors and rust.

1. Gradually dilute the contents of the container with the appropriate amount of thinner and apply on the surface. The amount of thinner incorporated into the primer depends on the ambient temperature, surface area, and the staining device. However, under normal conditions, the amount of staining is 12% -15% by brush, 10% -12% roller and 15% -20% pistol by weight.

2. Primer application at ambient temperature above 10 ° C, surface temperature 3 ° above dew point and humidity below 80% is recommended.

Wash and dry hands with thinner after finishing hands, paint tools, or flooring. Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions when using the thinner.

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