Note :
The technical and operational information on the product and data is based on the best knowledge and experience of the Nanopush adhesive and paint complexes and is not generally considered to be the ultimate reference. To obtain the best results, the consumer is responsible for testing the product before final use.
Keep container contents in dry and cool place and away from direct sunlight . revent product frostbite, tighten the container door after use
The best storage conditions are recommended for up to 36 months after production date
12kg buckets
 8-13m2 per literFull plastic theory coatıng
Up to 1 hourSurface drying time
Up to 3 hourTime to apply next layer
NoFlash point
NPS 540

Silicone matte acrylic paint

Silicone matte acrylic paint for indoor and outdoor of the nanopoosh is used for Fast, beautiful and durable painting of indoor and outdoor surfaces (gypsum, cement, brick, air paint, cementitious, wood, etc)i
This high quality paint has excellent resistance against abrasion and washing. And it has desirable stability against sunlight, water and alkalis, and it is recommended for outdoor, specially for building facades
Washability, excellent coating strength, high drying speed, ease of application and water-thinning ability, lack of unpleasant odor, resistance to sun and ultraviolet light and compatible with environment are other benefits of this paint

Standards :
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

Nano technology
100% washable
Excellent shear strength
Quick drying
Proper pen
Dilute with water
Excellent adhesion
Ease of implementation
Creates seamless, seamless coverage
No odor and chemicals and 100% antibacterial
Adhesion to a variety of surfaces including plaster, cement, concrete, brick, flour and wood.
Resistant to any cracking and resistant to gypsum
Ability to change color with plastic motherboard
Non-toxic, non-flammable and applicable to drinking water

Application :

It is recommended for outdoor environments, especially buildings. Washability, excellent coating strength, high drying speed, ease of application and water-thinning ability, no unpleasant odor, resistance to sun and ultraviolet light and environmental friendliness are other benefits of this paint.

Using method and dosage :

Rinse the surface with water to avoid dust . If surface is damp, it must be cleaned to be free of any contamination, grease and old paints before painting, until a reliable surface is obtained
For cementitious surfaces you can use a waterjet to clean the surface and make sure the surface is completely dry before painting
The using of NPS-220 versatile acrylic primer and adhesive is mandatory before painting

1-After preparation, dilute the nanopush silicon acrylic paint with a suitable amount of water and apply it on the surface
The amount of water mixed with the paint varies according to the ambient temperature, the surface area and the staining device, but in the usual conditions it is 20% -30% by brush, roller 15% -25% , and 25% -30% by pistol
2-To achieve a uniformly painted surface, at least 2 to 3 stages of painting may be required depending on the surface area
3-It is recommended to apply coating color at ambient temperature above 10°C, surface temperature 3°C above dew point and humidity below 80%

When it finished, wash your hands, paint tools and spilled materials on the ground with warm water and soap if it’s necessary. To prevent rust, rinse paint tools with solvent or water and dry immediately

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