Rubber latex adhesive
Note :
The technical and operational information on the product and data is based on the best knowledge and experience of the Nanopush adhesive and paint complexes and is not generally considered to be the ultimate reference. To obtain the best results, the consumer is responsible for testing the product before final use.
Keep container contents in dry and cool place and away from direct sunlight
Prevent product frostbite, tighten the container door after use
The best storage conditions are recommended for up to 36 months and can be maintained at 5 to 40 ° C
8kg buckets
gelphysical state
1/01g/cm3Special Weight
in the waterSolubility
6/5 – 6PH
NPS 230

Rubber latex adhesive

Rubber latex adhesive a powerful intermediate for bonding fresh to old concrete, fresh to fresh and making special mortar based on butadiene styrene, which will be completely insoluble in water after drying
This adhesive is more commonly known as rubber glue in Europe, which can be used to achieve fully waterproof mortar and concrete

Standards :
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

High adhesion


Non-respiratory of concrete respiration


Less shrinkage and greater elasticity of concrete

throughly rubber

relative strength of concrete against chemicals

non venomous and non-flammable material

More durability of created concrete against salts

Resistance to abrasion

Prevention of corrosion or abrasion

Application :

Producing Waterproof mortar
Concrete and plastic mortar
honeycombing concrete restoration
producing ductiluty concrete to repair surface damages
Producing Facade mortar and Exposure surfaces

Using method and dosage :

The amount of use depends on the thickness of the surface and the location that is used
At thicknesses less than 5 cm, make the concrete more rigid and add 5% latex glue by weight of concrete and mix thoroughly
It is best to run in two or more steps at thicknesses greater than 5 cm
Note that the NPS-200 nano-isolate product should be used in the final sealing and coating
After performance, it can withstand temperatures of -75 to + 350 ° C and is compatible with environment
Usage is recommended and the consumer is responsible for the final test before use

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