Nano restoration slurry – ready to use
Note :
It can be stored at 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.
(Avoid direct sunlight and avoid frost)
In 500 gram gallons, 12 gallons per carton
Physical and chemical profile table
Physical stateSlurry – Dough
Special Weight1.3 g / cm3
The amount of chlorinedoes not have
Ability to dissolvein the water
PH6-6 / 5

Nano restoration slurry – ready to use

Best insulator and sealant for new and old bondage types without any other materials and high resistance to water.

Standards :
ASTM C1042 - C1059 - D1149 - D412 - D624
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

Nanotechnology (permeability to structural depth)

High resistance

Great flexibility

With high silicon content

Less shrinkage and more elasticity

Create seamless cover

100% insulator and sealant, 100% water seal

No odor and chemical effects and 100% antibacterial

Adhesion ability to a variety of surfaces including cement, ceramic tile, gypsum and iron, galvanized and PVC

High resistance to chemicals and acids (ink, vitex, etc.)

Resistant to cracking and gypsum-resistant

Excellent thermal stability against hot and cold water

Colorfulness with base water colors

As a tile adhesive for repairing broken tiles

Non-toxic, non-flammable and applicable in the vicinity of drinking water

Application :

Insulation and sealing of new types of bonding

Insulation and sealing of old bondings and extinguishing materials without the need for any other materials and water

Using method and dosage :

Cut the head of the nozzle and apply it to the bundles, flatten it with a tool (knuckle and …) or with a fingernail. For subsequent use, be sure to close the nozzle cover.

– At 6 to 12 hours, the initial resistance and 12 to 24 hours reach their ultimate resistance.

Depending on the depth, size, and length and width of the intake amount varies

Width 10 and Depth 10 = 6 ml

The temperature is then below 75 ° C to + 350 ° C and is environmentally friendly. In contrast, detergent and UV rays and CO2 gas are highly resistant. Antioxidants, algae and bacteria and do not allow the growth and accumulation of these substances at the surface.

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