Nano protecting surfaces adhesive
Note :
Keep container contents in dry and cool place and away from direct sunlight. Prevent product frostbite, tighten the container door after use. The best storage conditions are recommended for up to 36 months and can be maintained at 5 to 40 ° C
8kg buckets
Physical and chemical profile table
Physical stateEmulsion fluid
ColorMilk, after drying, colorless
Special Weight1/1 g / cm3
The amount of chlorinedoes not have
Ability to dissolvein the water
PH6-6 / 5

Nano protecting surfaces adhesive

The Nanopush surface protecting adhesive is another kind of intruder materials on the base of nano that penetrates in the capillary of implemented sections without changing color or appearance shape. It ruins the Adsorption and protects the surface against water and dust and atmosphere gases. The surface protecting adhesive is the new age of protecting adhesives with newest technologies of Thermal and cryogenic insulation

Standards :
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

Nano technology


Very rapid reaction

No concrete respiration

No color or appearance change

Highly coated and affordable

Absorbent water and soot System based on water-free volatile organic compounds

Comfortable and easy to use with brushes, rollers or sprays

Brick, cement, tile, plaster, travertine stone, wooden and iron surfaces, monuments and more

Persistence against UV radiation

Protection against growth in moss and algae

Application :

Brick facades (3centimetes, mechanized, traditional) , Cementitious facades, tile facades, gypsum walls, travertine stones, wooden and iron surfaces, and monuments

Using method and dosage :

The adhesive should be performed on perfectly clean surfaces without any oil or dust on it. Before performing, the surface should be a bit humid. For performing the NPS-320 airbrushes and brushed can be used. If the absorb of surface be more than what expected, perform it in 2 or 3 layouts
Note: To the amount required based on the consumers test, it can be Diluted with water
For using on wooden surfaces, there’s no need to water and getting it humid. The product produced as Fluidizing gel and the user can Mix every 1 liter of product with 1 liter of water and in a space between 3 to 5 Square meters for using with sprays or brushes
after performing it can take degrees in vary of -75 to +350 Centigrades and the product is Eco-friendly
The product strongly resists against detergent and UV radiation and CO2 gas
Usage is recommended and the consumer is responsible for the final test before use

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