Nano Isolated
Note :
Keep container in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight
Prevent product from frostbite, seal the container tightly after use, the best time to use if it stored in the proper storage conditions is up to 36 months after production date
12kg and 5kg buckets
NPS 200

Nano Isolated

Nanopush In white and blue colors; it is cool and single-component coating that is a very good alternative with superior properties to replace it with other traditional insulations, such as Bitumen and isogam
This insulation is capable of filling surface cracks and suitable adhesion to surfaces and excellent sealing and flexibility properties, prevent leakage and penetration of moisture to the surfaces, and extend the life of building
This high quality product has excellent resistance against abrasion and washing, and it has desirable stability against sunlight, water and alkalis

Standards :
ASTM D412 - D624 - D1149 - D5963 - G154 - C836
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

Nanotechnology (Structural Depth Permeability)
٪ 100 insulation and seal
With high silicon percentage
Plaster resistant
Non-respiration of concrete
Ability to bridge capillary cracks
Prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria and molds
Erosion-resistant and excellent thermal stability
Protects surfaces against carbonization and intrusion of chlorine ions
High abrasion and impact resistance with excellent previous alignment
Resistant to long and direct sunlight
Adheres to a variety of surfaces and creates a seamless, seamless coating
Resistant to salts, frost, gasoline, chlorides, freeze salts
Applicable to horizontal and vertical surfaces, very high adhesion to a variety of materials
Easy to run and long lasting, creating a flexible layer after drying
It is painted and it is possible to apply cement mortar and tile on it
Free from any volatile organic compound (meaning it does not shrink after drying)
Tensile, flexural and compressive strength, high elongation ability and great flexibility
Non-toxic, non-flammable, applicable to drinking water

Application :

Insulation of roofs of residential houses, schools, public places and walls, Industrial Roofs of Factories, gable roof and waterhouse, thermal insulation of refrigerators, shelves and air conditioner compartments, monolithic insulation on dome and sloping, protection of used bitumen insulation, isulation of bathrooms, kitchens and pools

Using method and dosage :

1-Before applying, remove any contamination, dust or grease from surface and repair loose spots and gaps
2-Before applying nano isolate, use of NPS-220 versatile acrylic adhesive and primer product with brush or spray as primer is mandatory, and after applying primer, we quickly apply nano isolation, for 1 square meter, 1 to 1/5 kg in 2 to 3 steps by using brush or spade
the best option for longevity is to wait 6 hours after each step
3-Application of nano isolates at ambient temperature above 10 ° C, surface temperature 3 ° above dew point and humidity below 80% is recommended
Usage is recommended and the consumer is responsible for the final test before use

When it finished, wash your hands, paint tools and spilled materials on the ground with warm water and soap if it’s necessary. To prevent rust, rinse paint tools with solvent or water and dry immediately

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