Note :
The best option for the final insulation of even surfaces that have previously been used with bitumen or insulating materials is white nano white isolation (200 NPS).

Keep container contents in dry and cool place and away from direct sunlight . Prevent product frostbite, tighten the container door after use . The best storage conditions are recommended for up to 36 months and can be maintained at 5 to 40 ° C
8kg buckets
Physical and chemical profile table
Physical stateMilky, after drying
ColorMilky, after drying
Special Weight1/1 g / cm3
The amount of chlorinedoes not have
Ability to dissolvein the water


A versatile adhesive and primer is an acrylic nanopush with a very high adhesion strength used in sealing and impermeable to all surfaces, combinable in any type of material and compatible with a variety of water and plastic based paints, a versatile product is used as sealing adhesive, concrete adhesive and primer

Standards :
ASTM 1042 - C1059 - D412 - D624
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

Nanotechnology (deep penetration of the structure)

High adhesion and %100 insulation

High silicon content

Ability to bridge on certain cracks

Resistance to abrasion

High flexibility

Surface protection against carbonization and chlorine ion penetration

Adhesion to a variety of surfaces

Creating monolithic and unlimited coating
High resistanceagainst alkalis and inorganic acids

Thermal stability is very good

It is colorability and it is possible to apply cement mortar and tile on it

Resistance to chemicals and acids and attacking salts

Application :

Waterproof and impermeable all surfaces under water pressure, fully flexible for sealing pools, water tanks, bathrooms, building facades, bleaching, plastic paint primer, acrylic, conitex and water based paints, insulating bonding mortar and producing a variety of sealing materials

Using method and dosage :

1-Mix with cement mortar with 1cm thickness and more 5 liters of product per 100kg of cement and under 1cm thickness or 5 liters of cementitious product for 25 to 50kg of cement (definitely in high thickness of fine washed sand and low or fine thickness Drawings even if possible use powdered stone and silica)i
2-Mixture with gypsum mortar For every 1 liter of product, add 3 to 5 liters of water and Add chalk to it
3-Color primer, an versatile acrylic nanopoosh adhesive and primer, mix it with 2 to 5 units of water and use it as the primer for underlying water based paints
4-The product can be mixed 1.1 to 1.3 with water and added to mortar (white cement and stone powder)i
Note that the NPS-200 nano-isolate product should be used in the final sealing and coating . After application, it can withstand temperatures of -75 to + 350 ° C and is compatible with environment
Usage is recommended and the consumer is responsible for the final test before use

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