Note :
It can be stored at 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.
(Avoid direct sunlight and avoid frost)
4 liter gallons, 6 gallons per carton and 8 liter gallons, 4 gallons per carton
Physical and chemical profile table
Physical stateEmulsion fluid
Special Weight1/1 g / cm3
The amount of chlorinedoes not have
Ability to dissolvein the water
PH6-6 / 5


One of the concrete additives that has become widely used in the building industry today is that this concrete adhesive is completely homogeneous and increases the tensile, flexural strength and durability of concrete, plaster and lime, but the most important property of concrete adhesives is the strength of the nano concrete adhesive, increasing the adhesion of concrete Is

Nano concrete adhesive for reinforcing concrete materials, gypsum, limestone

Standards :
ASTM - C1042 - C1059
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

Nanotechnology (permeability to structural depth)

Non-avoidance of breathing of concrete

Resistant to cracking

Adhesion ability to a variety of surfaces

Increased tensile strength, abrasion and compression of concrete

Increase sealing ratio and reduce permeability

Resistant to acids and acidic gases

Stability of quality and increase resistance in alkaline environments

Avoid corrosion or staining, reducing the contraction of concrete

Non-toxic and non-flammable

Applicable in the vicinity of drinking water

Application :

Nano Concrete strength adhesive in combination with concrete and mortars made of cement and lime also can be used to increase the tensile strength and prevent the cracking of gypsum mortar and increase the efficiency and molds of concrete and fresh mortar, this product In addition to increasing the flexural strength of the concrete, increasing the strength of the concrete and the abrasion resistance of concrete, reducing the penetration of water and chemicals, and increasing the resistance to the melting and freezing of concrete and mortar, and increasing the strength of cement products in alkaline environments and in Extremely humid areas have no effect on corrosion on the rebar Construction of repair mortar or self-leveling concrete for flooring, filling seams, construction and restoration of concrete surfaces can be used.

(You can use the NPS-100, NPS-109, and NPS-220 to sew the missing parts)

Using method and dosage :

Depending on the amount of adhesion required, the type of aggregate, the mixing plan for concrete or mortar is 5 kg per 100 kg of cement used.

The temperature is then below 75 ° C to + 350 ° C and is environmentally friendly. In contrast, detergent and UV rays and CO2 gas are highly resistant. Antibacterial, anti-moss, algae and bacteria and do not allow the growth and accumulation of these substances at the surface.

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