Nano wood glue
Note :
It can be stored at 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.
(Avoid direct sunlight and avoid frost)
In the form of tube, weighing 100 grams of tubes, 80 tube per carton (8*10-cell trays)
Physical and chemical profile table
Physical state Paste
Color White, after colorless drying
Special Weight 1/4 g / cm3
The amount of chlorine does not have
Ability to dissolve in the water
PH 6-5

Nano wood glue

A new generation of wood glue with nano technology

Standards :
ASTM - D1084 - D2556 - D907 - D1084 - E4 - E70 - ISIRI 4211 - 4286
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

Nano technology

High concentration

No solvents

Abrasion resistant

Without any oil fills

Good flexibility

Much mechanical resistance

Hardening without accumulation

Shelf life, durability and long life

Without disillusionment after execution

High speed of hardening after the run

Extremely high adhesion to a variety of surfaces

Without shrinkage and cracking after hardening

Non-toxic, non-flammable

Application :

Woodwork and carpentry, flowering, handmade, foam packing, paper, replica cardboard, cardboard and the like, suitable for office, school and home use

Using method and dosage :

The surface to be cleaned is free of any dust and oil, and apply the above product to the required area and attach the two pieces together and consider the appropriate time to dry.

The higher the temperature of the environment, the faster the drying rate

The temperature is then below 75 ° C to + 350 ° C and is environmentally friendly. In contrast, detergent and UV rays and CO2 gas are highly resistant.

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