Nano acrilic mastic
Note :
It can be stored at 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.
(Avoid direct sunlight and avoid frost)
500 gram Cartridges, 24 cartridge per carton
Physical and chemical profile table
Physical state Paste
Color White, Black and Custom
Special Weight 1/5 g / cm3
The amount of chlorine does not have
Ability to dissolve in the water
PH 6-6 / 5

Nano acrilic mastic

Nano acrilic mastic is a product of superior quality for sealing all the cracks and filling the joints of the junction of objects inside and outside the building, as a glue for keeping the types of objects processed as the best acrylic silicone mastic

Standards :
ASTM D412 - D624 - D1149 - D1042 - C1059
Properties, Effects and Benefits :

Nanotechnology (permeability to structural depth)

Great flexibility

With high silicon content


Very good thermal stability

Adhesion ability to a variety of surfaces

Create seamless cover

Abrasion and impact greatly

Rapid responsiveness and service

High adhesion on most surfaces

Resistant to any cracking

Ability to run in a wide variety of thicknesses

Colorfulness with base water colors

80% solid, free from any volatile organic compound (ie, it does not diminish after drying)

Extremely high chemical resistance to solvents, acids and bases

Applicable as tile adhesive for repairing broken tiles

Odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable and resistant to saline water

Applicable in the vicinity of drinking water

Application :

Sealing concrete surfaces inside and outside the building, filling the expansion joints of walls, ceilings, floors and deep cracks, tile, ceramic, stone, mosaic and brick inside and outside the building, suitable for cement joints with window frame Iron, wooden, PVC and aluminum even to prevent rainwater penetration, restoration of openings of plaster surfaces (nails, screws and …), for dipping sinks and bathrooms, the entrance and exit sides of water and sewage pipes , Body sealing in painting industry, winding, jacuzzi, toilets and various other surfaces

Using method and dosage :

The desired surface is free from any dust and oil, and after ensuring that the surface is clean, we will apply the product to the desired seam.

– At 6 to 12 hours, the initial resistance and 12 to 24 hours reach their ultimate resistance.

Depending on the depth, size and length and width, the amount of consumption varies

Width 10 and Depth 10 = 6 ml

The temperature is then below 75 ° C to + 350 ° C and is environmentally friendly. In contrast, detergent and UV rays and CO2 gas are highly resistant. Antibacterial, anti-moss, algae and bacteria and do not allow the growth and accumulation of these substances at the surface.

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