Nanopush products insurance

It is proud of the nano-factory
Another step from the nano-packing factory to ensure and safely use the products by cherished consumers
All manufactured products of Nanoparticle Factory are covered by Arman Insurance, which has been guaranteed quality for 5 years and can be tracked from Arman Insurance Office headed by Dr. Parham Ghafouri Saleh (Nanotechnology Industries).


NANOPUSH factory with several years of history in the chemistry area and equipped with modern and advanced laboratories, with the help of chemistry engineers, specialist and management of Mr. Dr. Ghafouri, has been able to gain the badge of excellent quality of Iran and the highlight of the industry at the largest gathering of industry leaders



Geotechnical Laboratory and Nano Approval

The NANOPUSH factory has put the quality and well-being of the customer at the top of all in the production of all products. Therefore, the respectable consumers also express their thanks in different ways

Among the consumers of nanopush products, the government agencies of the Police and the Revolutionary Guards, who used the products in the Mehr Housing Projects, thanked and thanked Mr. Ghafouri for their excellent quality products

Nano approval from Sharif University of Technology and Khajeh Nasir with valid certificates



Active participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions

In order to inform and introduce the quality products of the NANOPUSH factory and to better communicate with the public and to communicate in a more meaningful and constructive way in order to better identify the needs of the people of the society, to date, the NANOPUSH factory has been trying to attract most of the domestic and foreign exhibitions Continuous. Therefore, the officials of these         exhibitions also appreciated the products of the NANOPUSH factory with the donation of statues and various appreciation from the nanopush factory due to the production of high quality and affordable products



With the grace of God, the NANOPUSH factory has made the quality and customer satisfaction at all stages of its production, and has succeeded in managing it with the authority of Dr. Parham Ghafouri Saleh. The images presented above are related to the proofs of this subject, including their titles


Quality Management Standard

Environmental Management Standard

Customer satisfaction management standard


All products are engraved with printing on products

Nanopush brand has been registered as a trademark at the Industrial Property Office, and any copying is prosecuted. It should be noted that the Nanopushesh brand has also been registered to prevent any abuse and similarity

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