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Managing the NanoPush Factory in 2007 with the license of exploitation The decision to construct the factory began to work on the production of glue, insulation, sealant with a registered brand of nanopush.


Since its inception, due to its close proximity to the Turkish border, it has begun to supply its raw materials to Germany without any Iranian producer and supplier of raw materials. The deep beliefs of this system to address the existing weaknesses in the market and possibly impossible, and the reliance on experiences and knowledge of the weaknesses of sealing materials that everyone was struggling, was the most important factor in entering this frustrating downside. But the downfall was not significant and focused on its long-term goal of producing the best products and delivering them with the best quality and attracting the trust of all customers.

Gaining customer confidence was another goal of nanopush, which was the main factor in achieving all national and international standards so:

The Institute, with its brand name as the trademark at the Industrial Property Office, has been certified as the product quality assurance from Arman Insurance, has a nanoscale photo from Khaje Nasir University, a nanoscale approval certificate from Sharif University, a standardized quality management, standard of management Complaints and customer satisfaction, the standard of environmental management, having a high quality Iranian mark (in packaging and quality), and the presence of several hundred exhibitions in the construction industry around the country were among the activities that lasted for a few years.


Complete the goods basket of goods to provide more services and meet the needs of consumers for practical and long-term goals of the nanopush. Based on this, decided to import the exclusive brands of TURKSIL and INTERTURK by fully examining the Turkish market.


Now the NANOPUSH factory has been named as one of the leaders of the modern construction industry and has been honored as a manufacturer and importer with a small share in the industries of Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan with a diverse and unique collection of technology days. reliable to meet your needs are loved ones and will be

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