Note :
The technical and operational information on the product and data is based on the best knowledge and experience of the Nanopush adhesive and paint complexes and is not generally considered to be the ultimate reference. To obtain the best results, the consumer is responsible for testing the product before final use.
It can be stored at 5 to 40 degrees Celsius.
(Avoid direct sunlight and avoid frost)
In half packs (24 pcs carton) - Quart (12 pcs carton) - Debbie (4 pcs carton)
High concentration gelphysical state
White, after colorless dryingColor
1/25g/cm3Special Weight
NOions Claire
in the waterSolubility
NPS 106

Premium wood glue

Wood glue is one of the materials used in the wood industry. Using wood glue you can attach two pieces of wood so that if the glue is used correctly. You will have a solid, unbroken connection. So if you want to cut two pieces of wood after drying, you have no choice but to break the wood, so wood glue is used extensively in the wood industry.
Standards :
ASTM D1084 - D2556 - D907 - D1084 - E4 - E70 ISIRI 4211 - 4286
Properties, Effects and Benefits :
Nano technology
High concentration
No petroleum solvents
Without any fillers
Good flexibility
High mechanical strength
Hardening without shrinkage
Durability, durability and long life
No drooping and sawing after running
High hardening speed after run
Extremely high adhesion to a variety of surfaces
No shrinkage and cracking after hardening
Non-toxic, non-flammable
Application :
Premium Wood Glue is a premium quality product for a variety of uses such as: woodworking, carpentry, handicrafts, foam glue, paper, replica cardboard, carton, cardboard glue and laminated paper. Office, schools and homes.
Using method and dosage :

The surfaces are free of any dirt and oil and apply the crop to the required area and glue the two pieces together and allow for a good drying time.

The warmer the ambient temperature, the faster the drying speed.

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